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When dealing with accounts receivable or bad debt, it is often more effective to use resources outside your company. Gold Coast Financial wants to be your collection agency.  Gold Coast Financial is offering a professional debt collection service that promises outstanding results. It is your money, but we will do our utmost best to collect it for you. What makes our collection agency different and better is the care that we take to resolve every bad debt account. We are diligent and thorough in our debt collections efforts and we believe if an account can be resolved; we will resolve it.

Our percentage of collections is greater than many larger collection agencies and our contingency rates are better than industry standard rates. Our collections staff members are trained to understand fully the correct methods to communicate persuasively with debtors. We do not need to be rude or disrespectful to your current or past clients to get them to pay. We use persuasion. Our staff does this while at the same time adhering to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and collection compliance laws of the various states.

We also offer periodic (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) account updates / status reports viewable by our clients online under secured settings requiring password. We also send these updates via email or postal mail. In addition, we offer the following online services:

Send Trial Accounts

You can send trial accounts to our agency at very low negotiable introductory rates. The contract for our trial period will end after 60 days. Contact us for more information.

Letter Writing Service

For $25 per debtor, you can subscribe to our letter writing service. We will send three letters on your behalf; we will copy you on each of these three letters. If you wish for us to send letters signed by an attorney, the fee will be $150.00 for the three letters. The letters will be sent two weeks apart. If the account is not paid after the third letter, you can choose to continue with our comprehensive collections process for our negotiated fees. Contact us for more information.

Skip Tracing (locating your debtor)

For $50 per debtor, we can locate your debtor (business or consumer) if you are a credit professional. You pay only if we are successful in locating the right debtor. Contact us for more information.

Credit Reporting

Some debtors (business or consumer) fail to respond to all collections efforts. With your approval, we will report debtors to the consumer and business credit reporting agencies. This service is part of our collections process at no cost to our clients. We find this to be an effective way to get some debtors to pay especially when they attempt to obtain future credit.

GCF can arrange for a law firm service to handle your account right from the onset. Please visit the law firm of Mensahlaw for more information.

About Gold Coast Financial

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GOLD COAST FINANCIAL was Federal Government SBA 8(a) BD and SDB certified. It was founded in 1986 to provide superior business to business financial services. It represented several units of a Fortune 500 company as their primary collection agency.