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Established in 1986, Gold Coast Financial (GCF) offers collections services to many clients including large and small public and private companies.

Gold Coast Financial

Superior Collection Services

Collections Agency Services
Gold Coast Companies, LLC, dba Gold Coast Financial (GCF) has diverse experience in the areas of collections law and finance giving the Company a competitive advantage in offering debt collection services. Our success rate is exceptional due to the resources employed by the Company.  We collect accounts receivable and bad debt for many small and large companies, while contributing to their corporate supplier diversity goals.


Our Services



GCF handles all types of debt: business to business, business to consumer or person to person.


Skip Tracing Services

We have the resources to locate delinquent debtors.


Credit Reporting

We provide credit reports to commercial and consumer credit reporting agencies in regards to delinquent accounts.



With written approval from our clients we can pursue debtors through the courts in order to settle disputes in regards to bad debts. Visit the law firm of Mensahlaw for more information.


Up to -$999 our fees is40%
Accounts $1000-$1999 our fees is25%
Accounts $2000 and above our fees is20%
Accounts older than 1 yearadd 5% to above rates
If Legal Service is required (at your option)add 5% plus court costs
Overseas accountsadd 10% to above rates

Our Legal partners are MensahLaw


About Gold Coast Financial

An Exceptional Success Rate


GOLD COAST FINANCIAL was Federal Government SBA 8(a) BD and SDB certified. It was founded in 1986 to provide superior business to business financial services. Today, it represented several units of a Fortune 500 company as their primary collection agency.